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Ask about our Special Offer
for just £50 per month - 1/4 Page Advert in 6 editions,
1 editorial, free listing in 'What's On' for events, and
1 Facebook post a month.
Includes artwork design service.

March & April and
May & June Editions...

It is the perfect time to promote your business or service - We are now taking bookings in our
March/April 2023 and May/June 2023 Editions...

Promote your business locally in the regions favourite, glossy magazine - it's made for you - locally! Our Affordable advertising will help your business to grow and bring you new customers...

Book your space as soon as possible, to secure a great space to promote your business or service in the Spring/Summer - at an affordable price!

Call 01952 787786 or email:

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to see our Media Kit...

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Our flagship title, Telford Lifestyle was started to bring together the best of town and county life...

Covering the vibrant town of Telford, and recognising the importance of local traditions, the magazine champions the area - and has become a go-to for print advertising locally. Telford Lifestyle Magazine brings together the best that the area has to offer – with amazing food and drink, a wealth of independent businesses, attractions for the whole family to enjoy and much more. Our readers love to pick it up and our advertisers love to have it out and working for them in our hand selected venues across the area.

At Telford Lifestyle, we want advertisers to have a seamless experience, helping them from start to finish and providing an excellent platform for their business. That’s why many of our customers keep coming back to us, again and again. This website as an extension to our magazine, helping to promote what’s on in Telford and Wrekin, and what’s on in the wider local area.

We know how important it is to advertise - attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones is essential to your business. Advertising is also really important when you start to offer new or improved products and services. Getting your message out can be difficult, and that's where we can help you - locally. We offer print advertising within our local publications, and also Social Media promotions too, giving you great coverage. We understand that value for money, and a good return on investment are essential - that's why we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
Each issue covers a 2 month period, and includes interesting and informative editorial content, and lots of local information. Readers are more likely to see your advert if they are engaged in reading the content, so we know it's really important not to be 'advert heavy' unlike some other local publications. 
We have an experienced team, who will work with you on your advertising strategy. We also have in-house designers that can create the right advert to your specifications, if required. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how we can help your business!


(Terms & Conditions apply* Any artwork created using our free in-house design service is subject to copyright, and remains the property of DE PUBLICATIONS LTD. It is supplied, ONLY for use within our publications and must not be used in any other publications without prior written permission being gained from DE Publications Ltd). Artwork may be purchased from DE Publications to enable clients to use our work in other publications, costs will be dependent upon each individual design and a quote can be provided on request.




Terms & Conditions*



1. All prices stated are exclusive of VAT. We are currently not charging VAT.

2. In the event that no copy is received by our copy date, we reserve the right to proof an advertisement based on any copy that is available at that time. It may still be possible to make changes or submit new copy at this time. We reserve the right to move the position of an advertisement within a magazine. In the unlikely event that this is necessary we will do our utmost to ensure the advertisement is placed in an equal or better position.

3. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement if deemed unsuitable or inappropriate. Any copy or material supplied to us will be accepted and used by us on the basis that the advertiser or their agent warrants that they hold the copyright to use such copy or material. The advertiser or their agent agrees to indemnify DE Publications Limited against any claim for breach of copyright by any third party.

4 .We shall not be held liable for any loss however occasioned by failure of an advertisement to appear, or any damage or inconvenience caused by error, omission or misprint. Should there be an issue with the printed copies being delivered to us which results in delayed distribution, we will not be held liable for this delay.

5. Payment is required upon approval of artwork - before the magazines are printed, unless otherwise agreed.  We charge a 10% Late Payment Charge on any invoices that are paid outside of our payment terms. Non-payment will result in a County Court Judgement against you and further costs will be added. This may affect your credit rating.

6. Any disputes or queries must be notified to us within 7 days of receipt of invoice - in writing.

7. All cancellations must be made in writing quoting the order reference. No telephoned cancellations will be accepted. Cancellations will only be accepted up to 14 days from the advertising contract “order date” with no charge incurred, except as stated below. Any cancellations after 14 days must be paid for in full.
Cancellations are not accepted on late space bookings made in the final 10 days before copy deadline. Cancellations of series bookings will result in the advertisements previously invoiced under the series order bookings being recharged at the full rate card rate, which can be found on our media pack.

8 .Our business telephones calls are recorded for training and compliance purposes. These recorded conversations will be used for the purpose of verifying business transactions and they are used to form part of your advertising contract (Verbal Agreement).

9. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and in the event of a disputes the parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


10. We reserve all rights with regard to copy.

You will be able to purchase the copyright for your advert design - fees vary, depending on size and time spent.


Any artwork that is provided to our clients, using our artwork design service, is subject to copyright and must not be used in any other publication, unless written consent has been given by us to do so.


This design service and any artwork design provided to our clients, by us using this service, is solely for the use of DE Publications Limited, within our publications. 


If a client requires our design service to be used to provide copy for the publication, we deem their request as permission to use information from their website and social media sites, including images, logos and any other information.


Artwork proofs MUST NOT be forwarded to other publications for replication. Any such breaches of copyright may result in legal action being taken, and a fee will become payable.  

Once instructed by a client to begin work on an advert or editorial design, either verbally or by email, charges will apply should you wish to cancel the booking.


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